Julien MacDonald – National Osteoporosis Society Event

Client:  Julien MacDonald Product: Promo Film Brief:  Julien MacDonald held a charity event for the National Osteoporosis Society at Lancaster House, the event raised over £250k for the wonderful cause and this video was promo for the event. Skill Set:  Camera Operator, Editor

Tough Guy 2017

Client: Tough Guy® Product: Event Highlight Film Brief: Tough Guy 2017 was the last official winter Tough Guy and as such we had the tough job of capturing it in all of it's glory. Mid event the heavens poured and reduced our crew from 4 cameramen down to 2 cameramen and 2 umbrella holders but...

European Wakesurf Championship 2016

Client: GlideSoul Product: Event Highlight Film Brief: Glidesoul is one of main sponsors of the European Wakesurf Tour and last week we covered the filming of the London stop on the tour. The action was intense and the atmosphere at the event was amazing. Add to it the fact of getting some aerial shots of...