Meet Our Team

Good teamwork is essential in all organisations, it creates synergy and it’s this synergy that sets our team apart.


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Brendan Monteiro

Founder and Director
Brendan Monteiro originally hails from the sunny shores of South Africa but has been making films in the UK for over a decade. He's probably filmed every type of genre and loves it all. When not Directing, Filming or Editing he loves to go wakeboarding.
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Michael Rorke

Head Of Design
Michael Rorke is our multi-disciplinary creative and heads up our design. He's extremely talented and bright creative that can bring any branded project to life. When not designing he likes to play drums.
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Trevor Donavan

Productions Manager
1 part camera op, 2 parts geek, 1 part drone. Trevor Donavan is our tech guru and can pretty much put anything together. That combined with a great eye for compositions he's a vital asset. When not filming he likes to snowboard.
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Jonny Wragg

Junior Editor
Our newest member, Jonny started fresh from Bournemouth University as a work experience and has showed his potential both in the office assisting with edits or out in the field. When not editing he likes to listen to punk!
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Nick Hine

Senior Production Manager
Nicholas Hine is office veteran, with over 17 years experience in production. He's filmed for BBC, Bloomberg and Sky and his filmed everything from peace concerts, tv commercials and even babies bahmitsvah's. When he's not filming he likes to skate.
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Richard Van Wyk

Creative Producer
Richard Van Wyk (pronounced Fun vake) is a free spirit and a true creative. He's on a never ending search for that perfect shot and is a constant source of incredible work. When he's not being creative he likes to surf.
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Hayley Cannon

Accounts Manager
They say behind every great man is an even greater women and behind Crisp is this incredible women, she's the backbone that keeps it all together. When not doing her thing she likes to cuddle with Crispin.
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Office Pooch
Crispin is our resident Liver spotted Dalmation and he thinks he's our pack leader, he keeps the team entertained and on their toes at all times. When he's not relaxing at the office you can find him causing havoc in the local parks.