As a video producer, I’ve been tasked for the past couple of years with creating opening videos for the UK Herbalife events. This brief was no different to the others and was pretty clear – I had to make a high-energy opener that got attendees excited for the upcoming event. But this time I wanted to make something completely different, I knew that the video had to be something special, something that would resonate with the audience and make them feel like they were part of something big but more importantly I wanted this to be something I personally was really proud of.

After much brainstorming and research and three drafts that I threw away as rubbish, I decided to use a technique that involved blending really old and historic footage of the company and the founder Mark Hughes, who is no longer alive, and blended it in with new footage to give it a new lease of life. I knew the company really respected and loved Mark and what he said, and I used lots of old event footage and created a new story from multiple clips of Mark and created a story that tied in perfectly with what the company stands for now.

I then decided to give it an 80’s theme in the intro to emphasise the past and then change the music mid-way to show the company was going forward to a new future. I spent countless hours poring over footage and piecing together the perfect storyline. As an editor, you kind of know when you are on to something good when the hours fly by.

The day of the event finally arrived, and I was nervous as I watched the attendees file into the hall. But as the lights dimmed and the video started to play, In the end, the video was a huge success, and it set the tone for the rest of the event and has been used consecutively for pretty much all their new events.