Cleaning up audio in Adobe Premiere Pro with Audition


I recently have been on a mission to try and sort out my audio skills, it’s no secret that audio is as important, if not more, than being able to film a good scene and with this in mind I took to youtube. Countless tutorials later, some of which are ridiculously long winded. Note to some out there, you don’t have to explain everything, get to the point and stick to it. Anyway here is a little test clip that I made from a recent event.

First clip is the sound recording directly out of the camera. Sound was recorded from the top mic of a Sony FS700 without headphones to monitor the audio as I was in the middle of the obstacle race and didn’t have time to get any. Unfortunately what I didn’t notice is the footsteps in the background as people were walking past, that and the fact that I kind of recorded his vocals safe but too soft.

In the second clip is a test of a clean up that I did in adobe audition, I managed to get rid of some of the back ground noise, cleared most of that terrible muddy footsteps and in general boosted his vocals, beefed them up and bit and voila. Who says you can’t fix bad audio?

Process taken was a little parametric eq, normalise, Dynamic Processing and normalising again. To clean up the unwanted sounds I just used the heal tool and looked around for where those noises where in the spectral view and just cleaned it up.

Final note, this is entirely a sound test, footage is totally ungraded, just before anyone comments I wanted to make it clear that it’s ungraded.

Sound Test Cleanup from Brendan Monteiro on Vimeo.